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Avoiding settlement issues, and off the plan sales

Double stamp duties refer to a situation where a buyer is required to pay stamp duty twice for the same transaction. This often occurs when there is a change in the ownership structure or when there are errors in the transfer documents.

Double stamp duty issues can arise in various situations, such as when a property is transferred from a company to an individual or from one individual to another. The stamp duty is typically paid on the transfer of ownership, but if there is a change in the ownership structure, such as the transfer of shares in a company that owns the property, then stamp duty may also be payable on the transfer of the shares. This can result in the payment of double stamp duty.

In this session we will look at:

Investing your deposits

Nominating may mean double stamp duty

Stamp duty your purchases will pay

GST Withholding

Sunset clauses

Issues that cause problems at settlement

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