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Legal Documentation

The legal documentation is often one of the areas in property development that is given the least thought. Many developers seek out legal advisors based on costs rather than their expertise. It is only usually once you reach a hurdle in a project that a developer realises the importance of good legal documentation.

In this session we have one of Melbourne’s leading legal advisors to private property developers that will be presenting on the various type of legal agreements in property development, what should and shouldn’t be included in these agreements and when they should be used;

Pre-Purchase Advice

Common Ownership structures

Contracts of Sale (acquisition)

Nomination and land development


Relationship agreements: Unitholder Agreement, Shareholder Agreement, Development/JV Agreements

Profit sharing/economic entitlement

Landholder duty

Partitions of land

Contract of sale: terms and special conditions, off the plan sales, sunset clauses etc.

Sale of land vendor disclosure

S173 Agreements

Advertising and settlement tips

Tricks and Traps

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