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shane galea

Shane Galea, a beacon of innovation and expertise in building and construction, emerges from a three-generation legacy of construction prowess.

With 15 remarkable years, Shane’s focus on excellence is evident in client-side development, project management, and superintendency. His academic achievements are impressive, encompassing a

Building Engineering Degree with a major in Structural Engineering (Hons), along with Master’s degrees in Project Management and Business Management.

Shane’s career ignited at Jinton, where he spearheaded the opulent Crown Metropol and prestigious 6-Star gaming facility Crown Mahogany Room, showcasing his adept project management and client-side development skills.

His influence echoes in Australia’s iconic projects. At Sinclair Brooke, he shaped Australia 108’s development. At Far East Consortium, his touch is evident in the highest hotel, Ritz Carlton Melbourne, and the Dorsett Melbourne Hotel.

Heading Project Delivery at Hub Property Group, Shane managed a high-performing team delivering 30 projects worth over $1 billion in Gross Revenue.

Shane’s biography weaves a narrative of excellence, innovation, and resolute determination in building and construction. With remarkable experiences, academic prowess, and visionary leadership, he stands as a beacon, guiding the industry towards pioneering accomplishments.

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